Photos of the Week

Grass cutter!

Toro Toro Toro!  How to cut grass the fast way with the 1400mm FMS T-28.   No props were harmed in the filming of this aircraft.


P-51 Fuselage

Here is the bare Fuselage of the 82″ P-51 we are restoring.  It needs some serious work, and no those are not rivets, they are actually wood screws joining the two parts of the Fuselage together.  I think this must be over 25 years old.


Here is where you send us a photo to with a short description of where it was taken and what aircraft it is, and who you are, and we post it so you can have your plane, helicopter, FPV rig, Drone, or shop on our site!

Sprocket sniffing the ESM 96″ B-25 in the back yard after a busy weekend of building.

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