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Some quick photos of some of our ongoing projects and new aircraft here at R/C Masterclass.

Just in!!!  The Ziroli P-47 kit and plans just arrived from Laser Cut Kits Australia…so far it looks amazing.

The Ziroli 92″ P-47 kit and plans

We are also working on an 82″ P-51 Mustang needing a total refurbishment…doubt it ever flew as the elevators were made out of pine and the rudder weighed almost 700 grams by itself!  It will be powered by an OS GT55 Gasoline engine.

The 82″ P-51 needing lots of work!

Acrowot 2 XL nose damage  The nose of this airplane was ripped off during an engine out off field landing, so we took it in and made some much needed repairs.

Here is the Acrowot 2 XL nose during repairs. Here you can see the replaced engine and mounts, the refitted landing gear and the new stringers for the sheeting on the nose fitted.

Here the nose has been re-sheeted and then fiber glassed with some light 3/4 oz cloth and Zap finishing resin to make a smooth surface. all of the cracks were filled with the resin to make it seamless.  After a light sand it was recovered with Mono-cote in white.

And here is the finished project waiting for a new propeller to get back in the sky.  It has a 2 meter wingspan and an OS 33GT 2 stroke gasoline engine for power.  It should fly very well once we get it all balanced up and checked out.




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